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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Welcome to my new blog template, again!! Hihi Tukar lagi template. Yang dulu punya tak sampai berapa bulan lagi dah create the new one. Ini semua depends on the mood empunya diri jugak! Kalau rasa rajin nak tukar, this is how its gonna be. Beside I had found template that suit my criteria which is simple and not crowded with advertisement and HTML font. I also found out that the new template provided by Blogger looks interesting and creative. Somehow, this layout what I've been looking. However my advs for nuffnang been disappear suddenly. Idk why but I might figure it as well. And if I think because of the new layout make my nuffnang disappear, I might change my layout back to the original.

Okay la, I have to sleep now since I'm not feeling well this past few days. Talk later. Bye.

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