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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ada apa dengan KRU Studios?

Mesti la ada Yusri, Edry and Norman KRU kan! BUTTTTT unfortunately they wasn't there :( Walaupon dorang takada tapi still berjaya hantar 10 survey for them to fill up :) The girl from the receptionist said that she gonna send my survey to the management stuff and I'm hope my survey will reach to one of them :) Kita tunggu esok ya since I had left my survey there and decide to collect it back tomorow . Yela I know orang orang seni kan "busy gilerrrrrrrr"

Welcome to KRU Studios!

My visitor pass

Before balik kena la bergambar :)

Alhamdulillah, finally I manage to distribute 118 survey all along Cyberjaya dan Putrajaya just now eventhough dealing with different kind of people with different background, education and perspective can sometimes give me hard time to face it. I nak hantar survey je kot bukan nya I nak buat direct selling! Never mind, I am proudly saids that I'm okay facing with this type of people because now I'm truly understand that education plays a very important role in how people would think.

I'm trying not to be rude to them sebab tak semua orang kita boleh puaskan hati. Mungkin it is fact she/he memang dah macam tuh so I can't change people mindset. That's reality.

For those who know how student life would be will understand purpose of my survey and sadly to said people with lower education background sometimes can be cruel to me. Like I said, I have no hard feeling facing with this people but somehow it make me think negatively about Malaysian citizen who doesn't have manner speaking with other. Ini ke rakyat Malaysia?

Anyway, a BIG thanks to all my beasties, Azwa, Ili, Reva and Shan for helping me distribute my survey! Without you guys I think I'm nothing. I'll appreciate all your contribution towards my FYP. Sayang korang la muah muah ♥♥ :)


juliet. said...

fyi, Yusry KRU adalah tenaga pengajar bg dak animation kt kmpus aku..n blom bpeluang lg nk jumpa die..dpt jumpa kereta die je..wuhuuuu..bilelah de peluang tu??dpt amik gmbr pstu show off kt ko ok gak tuhh..ekekeke :p

Qamarul said...

haha x dpt jumpe.. buuu

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