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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Now dah April seventeen, tomorrow April eighteen and now left few days more for April to end! Homaigod I just can't believe time running so fast! FYP submittion is on May 8th and I'm bloody scared right now :( Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 just finished baru je hantar email to supervisor for her to check suddenly keluar message macam tuh what the...

FYP progress still in Chapter 3! The hardest chapter so far. So much things need to do. Just hoped my Chapter 1 and 2 are fine. If not, I'm sure gonna die. Ya Allah tolong la hambamu ini.

Okay starting from tomorrow, less Facebook, less Blogging, less Twitter! erk.., Twitter tak boleh less since its the only way for me to express my feelings. Tak ada twitter mati saya wooo :) Tengok! even nak crop bagi cantik dan buang apa yang tak patut kat gambar diatas pon rasa macam okay benda tu tak penting yang penting sekarang FYP! So kalau tengok saya jarang update blog jangan la bising bising ya! LOL macam dive pulak =___=

P/S : Sekarang ni apa yang aku harap Miss Mariati akan extend my submition date. Hopefully. Just prayed for me ya korang. Terima Kasih! Muah!


Munirah said...

ketaq lutut ka? hehe. all the best :)

e y R a said...

yes yes. tenkiu :)

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