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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I'am single until now?should I?

being single is not exactly wut i want. Perhaps i'm just happy being who i am now. No boyfwen, no comitment makes my mind feel much better.

here's is the reason why i'm still single until now...,

1. I'm admit that im too "cerewet" instict of choosing a boyfwen. I want someone who accept me the way i am. someone who faithfull towards me and the most important is someone who's really-really love me the way i love him too.

2. I'm afraid jika disakiti and ditinggalkan without any reason. I know that in a relationship, its normal if loving couple cannot get long each other. For me, perpisahan adalah sesuatu y menyakitkan. Since aku xpenah couple, perpisahan myb akan membawa padah kpd diriku sendiri. No matter wut, i hv to face it by myself. In fact, it will make me more stronger to face any challenger outside there.

however, being single is awesome! here's are the reason :

1. dapat enjoy dgn kwn kwn tnpa limit!
2. boleh berpoya-poya dgn mana mana guys- i'm single ok! ngee!~
3. one of the best part, being single kite boleh enjoy our money for own benefit-xpayah nak toupup byk-byk,xpayah nak belanja bf-gf mkn,tgk wayang and so on.
4. kite boleh berkwn dgn mana mana lelaki y kite nak. its not a prob.

Sometimes,being alone its...,arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! bcoz of:

1. xdpt nak share happy and sad moments together with someone that we love.
2. xda sesiapa nak support kite,bgi kata kata semangat bila kite hadapi saat-saat y gentir.
3. xda siapa y nak menyayangi kte-eccept from my own family. Actualy, we as a human also need luv someone who hv not realtives with us.
4. bosan bila kwn kwn semua kua date, kite duduk umah tgk tv jerk.

Single, mingle and triple its ROCKS,bebeh!!!

How abt you? wut do you think abt being single and in a relationship? It is good or wut? Feel free to drop by any ideas! :))



naniesaad said...

oh god!
plez send somebody to be eyra partner...amin..(:

eyra89 said...

oh nanie!
aku bkn terlalu desperate utk bercouple ye!! :))

Anonymous said...

kite smela eyra.
xpe,tgu jek.
t bf turun dr langit nye!
ngeh ngeh!

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