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Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheese Tart

Tempahan untuk cheese tart.

Senarai Harga

Cheese Tart

        Flavor: Blueberry / Strawberry / Kiwi / Mango / Lemon / Orange
        Size: S (4.5cm)

        Price:  1 balang (50 pcs) - RM40.00

Kami hanya menerima tempahan 50 pcs and above sahaja!

Contoh gambar untuk Blueberry Cheese Tart

Berminat? Boleh la hubungi atau SMS ke 013 2023488 atau email ke

P/s: Pick up point around Shah Alam sahaja

** Setiap tempahan elok sekiranya dibuat seminggu awal
** 50% deposit diperlukan jika berminat

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Apa yang akan anda buat apabila sekiranya anda menjadi seorang penganggur?
YESSSS main masak masak! LOLOLOL

Aktiviti menganggur part 4. Cukup 5 dah boleh kerja kot. Amin! (:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cake in jar - Red Velvet

Bagi sesiapa yang berminta membuat tempahan cenderamata, doorgift atau chocolate booth untuk majlis perkahwinan, tunang atau hari jadi ada PROMOTION 'CAKE IN JAR - RED VELVET' dengan harga serendah RM7.50 sahaja per jar!!

Cepat cepat buat tempahan anda sebelum terlambat!!!

Berminat? Boleh la hubungi atau SMS ke 013 2023488 atau email ke

Minimum order 6 Jar (RM7.50 per jar)


P/s: Pick up point around Shah Alam sahaja

** Setiap tempahan elok sekiranya dibuat seminggu awal
** 50% deposit diperlukan jika berminat

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Phase

Wow I've neglected my blog quite so long! And my last entry was during my Convocation ceremony! Err 3 months plus? That was very long I tell ya! 

You know how much I love blogging during my student life, right. Story here and there but now it turns out to be empty. Like, no live update about my current life. Everything seems to be quiet. Sampai I rasa blog I dah berhabuk penuh virus here and there and until now I still receiving spam email from my blog almost everyday! Yeah blame Twitter blame also my busy life! 

So anyway, I'm back after few months silence yepeeeeee (: Current update? Erm, right after my convocation I've got a job offer. Even it is only temporary I still accept it as for me to gain experience. To those who know where I have been working this past few months, yeah that's true. I have been working at my mom previous company or should I said 'ex'? lol

Don't get me wrong. To be truth, yes I'm so lucky to have this one big company working with but I'm here just to gain experience. Nothing less nothing more. That's why after deciding to accept this offer, I keep reminding myself to take a good care of my family name especially my mom. I don't want people to look down at me. I don't want people saying any bad thing about me and my mom. I want to prove to them that I can be independent, I can work as request and I learn if I don't know anything just ask people around. This is only what I want. That is why I'll prefer no one in the office know who's daughter I am. I don't want them to treat me because they know my mom but I want them to treat me as a new staff who are still in the process of learning.

Entering the real working life is so much fun! For me who love to learn new thing, I found this very interest to gain so much experience. Eventho there's lotsa different between working life and student life, honestly I think if someone ask me to choose between this two I would love to say I choose BOTH! I've never regret study and I also never regret entering new phase which is work. 

I'm happy with my new phase. I've learned, I've gained and I'm still looking forward for new excitement! 

So XOXO for my new blog post for year 2013! Since I'm jobless now don't worry I have plenty of time to update yeayersssssssss

Thursday, October 11, 2012

You, me and our journey

Macam robot! Memang gambar on the stage memang tak pernah memberi kepuasan, kan?

Btw, nampak tak tangan tengah pegang Alumni card? Tak tahu pulak masa tu kena pegang Alumni card sendiri! Sumpah cuak sebab fikir mana nak pegang scroll lagi nak pegang card lagi! Ingat kakak tu tolong pegangkan then masa turun stage pulangkan. Tak ehhhh


Before I end my post about my convocation thingy *sedih* I would like to share with all of you our video they put when we inside the hall. This video is about ebee (which known as MMU mascot) story and journey from the first time he's enter into MMU. Just like us. How we make friends, how we enjoy our time at MMU, how we have some fight but at the ends, we still friends :)

Wanna know more? Watch this :

&&&& not to forget, credit to eBee Gangnam Style yowwww

Ermmmm, I guest that's the end of my convocation

So now I'm proudly should said that,



Goodbye guys! And please don't ever ever ever lost contact with me hokayyy? Nak kawin ke apa just lemme know ye! ^_^

*tears and hug*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Convocation

Alhamdulillah I made it! Thank you Mama, Abah, Kakak kakak and Adik adik for always be there for me. To Mama and Abah especially, this is for you. Your 3rd daughter who have Bachelor Degree on her hand. To Financial Engineering friends, thank you for helping me on assignment and studies. Love you all, lots! Much love, Iya (:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Convocation Mood Activate (:

Tadi masa borak dengan Mira, Mira ada tanya, tak sedih ke dah habis belajar. Masa tu sumpah tak ada rasa apa apa. Rasa happy sangat nak Convo and meet my long time friends dekat Melaka je. Then now dengar lagu Permata Dunia dah terasa sedihnya. Belum lagi tiba harinya pakai complete robe dan nyanyi lagu ni inside the hall with all my friends. Sumpah sebak!! :( Sedih dalam gembira. 

Sedih sebab akhirnya berjaya juga Convo dekat MMU. It was my first dream after I enter into MMU. Masa orentasi lagi dah aim nak grad dekat sini. Pejam celik pejam celik 4 years waiting and this is it. 

Tak lupa pernah jugak gave up nak belajar bila dapat result tak memuaskan. Tapi I believe berkat doa Mama Abah, Kakak kakak and Adik adik I should not give up easily and try to put this as a motivation for me to success. 

So now I had prove this to them and make my parents proud of me. Itu pon dah cukup :)

Thanks Mama Abah. Without your support I'm nothing.

MMU Melaka friends
*My robe should be on yellow ini pinjam org punya hihi tadi lupa nak bawak robe sendiri*

So from MMU Melaka to MMU Cyberjaya friends, I present this; 
our official song PERMATA DUNIA

Kami perintis 
Generasi multimedia
Teguh mendukung
Harapan agung negara
Menyahut seruan
Wawasan negara
Unggul di mata dunia
Langkah seiring 
Mengejar cita di hari muka
 Kan terus maju
Bersama menuju jaya
Ketulusan jiwa
Semangat Berusaha
Unggul di mata dunia
Ke puncak menara di tuju
Keunggulan cita yang luhur
Melangkah kita bersama
Bersinar permata negara
Dikagumi serata dunia
Selamanya akan gemilang
Dipersada dunia multimedia
Terunggul di mata dunia

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yeayerssss 2 weeks left for my graduation ceremony!!! && Since I don't have anything to do so I've decided to make a props for my graduation hihi and had forcing my cats to be my model. Somehow this is how it turns out (:

Is not an easy task cause they could not behave. They thought my props is a toy for them. Haish 
As a reward, I promise them lotsaaaaaaaa healthy food hokayy??

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Epa&Yus Wedding Reception

As promise on errr 1 month ago nak buat post on Sister Wedding Reception kan so here we go. Our theme for that day is Tradisional since Mama nak sangat along pakai baju songket so untuk tidak mengecewakan hati seorang ibu, along pakai la songket which is full songket and it is Yellow. Baru la nampak macam pemerintahan diRaja kan uolsssss.

Anyway our family wearing dark purple! Katanya tak nak sama warna dengan pengantin nanti tak nampak pengantin. So total color that day ada purple, kuning and merah sikit sikit. Apa lagi mari ler kita tengok aksi aksi Sultan Melaka bersama Permaisurinya, Pengikut serta Gundik gundik kesayangannya! :)



We have been asking to take candid picture by our photographer but somehow it turns out like this ....

Ah sudah semua nak jadi YB almaklumla pilihanraya nak dekat hihi

Btw yes I know I'm shorter than adik adik walaupon dah pakai wedges and larang my little sister wana especially for wearing any heels or wedges! Dia pakai flat shoes pon dia still tinggi acaneeeeeeeeeee

Want more picture? Watch this....

P/S : My video turns out to be messy. Dah 3,4 kali redo back but still macam ni padahal bila preview turns out perfect bila save je jadi macam ni sobs. Sorry kalau video ni macam tak betul sikit ): Saya dah cuba yang terbaik!!

&& not to forget

Thank youuuuu girlpren for coming!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Epa&Yus Solemnization

Kalau dulu upload gambar from our own camera so for this time is all 100% from our Official Photographer. I'm also had made a simple video which is not been shows in here but inside the video :) So enjoiceee! 

We were on crazy sibling aren't we?

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