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Friday, March 30, 2012

It's been a month =)

Time flies so fast. Its already 1 month I've do my internship and feeling so excited to end this. Seriously, I hate internship! I want a real job based on my qualification and knowing that I have payment of doing that. Thank God my internship is only 3 month sebab amik during short sem hihi. Tapi yang tak bestnya I don't have my own trimester break. Minimum 14 weeks must be fulfill during Internship period. And my last day betul betul on the second week of trimester break sobs.

Yesterday, checking my MMLS as usual to know whether my industrial training subject have been added in the system or not. Since its already week 3 in MMU so risau jugak kalau takda. Kang tak pasal pasal dikatakan bercuti. Risau sebab this time Coordinator yang tolong register kalau before this semua subject add sendiri.

And finally!!!

haaaa sekarang baru boleh jadi student balik!!

P/S: Dah sebulan tapi report tak tulis apa apa lagi ni haaa. Arghhh tak tahu nak tulis apaaaa!!

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