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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vlog: Nea Apartment, MMU

Mesti korang nak tahu how my current apartment look like. I had made a simple video for you guys to look at. But it consist only my room, living hall and kitchen. Others room like Master and single tak payah la kot. Yang perlu korang tahu single room same size with medium room. Cuma master room besar sikit sebab ada toilet dekat dalam.

Okay here's the video. Butt before that, the decoration for living hall and kitchen only temporary sebab tak habis decorate lagi :) Still have few thing tak bawak so and the rest okay dah kot. Anyway enjoy!

My bed :)

Study table

1 big cupboard

Living hall

Till then bubye!

1 comment:

kai wen said...

Hi, I'm kai wen from mmu, currently final semester for Degree in FCM.

I wanna ask if the apartment are available for masters student? cos im applying for masters study in mmu.

how much is it?...

Thanks a lot!!!!....

Kai Wen.

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