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Friday, December 17, 2010


I know its kinda too late for me to watch this season since the finale season (season 4) had been release October last year but finally I managed to watch all the episode in season 4 yehaaaa!! There aren't more Ugly Betty but Pretest Betty in town! :)

This guy is freaking hot in this! - Aaron Tveit.
Dengan Jambang, cermin mataaaa awww it just too perfect for him!

He seems like Betty boyfriend but things just don't work out. He cheated on Betty, he actually have a girlfriend. Poor Betty :( He only appear in 1 episode btw ^_^

Betty boyfriend currently this guy. He's also seems hottttttttt :) oh oh not-to-forget, Daniel Meade also hottt cuma pendek sikit but still hottt ^_^

1 comment:

IFA Athirah said...

waaah!dh lame xnmpk betty!rindu lak!haha

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