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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Speaking Test

Morning people! wow it seem incredible watching me woke up so early in the morning ryte? somemore sempat pulak update blog. HE-HE. actually now i'm supposed to have my MUET test but suddenly have to go back since my section is on 11Am. this due to the changing slot that i had made since my original test should be on 6 October 2009. but during that day, I've got Database exam on evening and afraid that i don't have enough time to study. so i had decided to change it on today since i don't have any test.

MUET test? erm, it seem nothing to me. always fikir final sahaja mana sempat nak prepair for it. tau ada exam pon 1 week after Hari Raya after Kavi told me so. i though test will be held on November so i don't expect anything. somemore held during all MMU students tengah nak final kan. ok, its not good to blame Muet at all. it is my mistake also. dah pandai-pandai register should be alert la bila exam start kan.

I'm always forgot about Muet because my mind always think Muet is equal to November, November equal to short sem and short sem equal to Muet. so bila tiba short sem la still have banyak masa lagi untuk study even the day after register Muet pon mama dah bising-bising suruh study for it. gyler ke. register on March and suddenly kena prepair early. dah la early 7 month. memang terbaik la mama!

masa belum register Muet lagi mama keep asking bila nak register Muet, nati tak boleh nak grad la plus angah hasut cakap kawan-kawan dia tak dapat nak grad lagi sebab tak amik Muet la, better amik early nati busy dengan FYP la and bla bla bla.. owh korang memang psycho terbaik! dah la bising masa i tengah first year beta. eh, masa tengah foundation lagi dah bising. but that time, rasa macam awal lagi dan memang decide nak amik time gamma year. ok la, at least i still got friends taking Muet also. my course-mate masa foundation! only half of them. the rest lagi cepat. masa foundation lagi dah amik.

anyway, sory mama cause not telling you early yang iya ada speaking test this week. ingat dah tau sampai la mama kol semalam baru tau mama tak tau lagi. HE-HE. thanks to office-mate mama sebab bising-bising pasal anak dia amik Muet. kalau tak bising mesti mama tak tahu until i told her so. ;)

P/S : along, aku ingat ko bagi tau mama!

however, yesterday i search pasal Muet thingy in Youtube and suddenly found that 1 video yang sangat interesting. title is Muet by UITM student and serious shit kelakar ok!

" I don't want to the flower-flower, i want the main point"

this is it. enjoy!

hopefully, is doesn't turn like this to me and hopefully i can do it well. && to syafiq and along, thanks for the tips anyway! really used it!

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