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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1 more bebeh! 1 more! yeah! i still left 1 more subject to face on and owhhhh i really can't wait it. after so much stress, pressure and lack of time to study i'm always wish this will be end soon. being an FE student really killing me so badly. can you imagine, 7 paper for final and i'm only have less than 24 hour to study for each subject. thanks to "last minutes" study!

and thank God, i managed to cover all the chapter on time with less-sleep time. 2 hour sleep per day is totally bad isit? Yes! its worth it at least i had try my best even i know the paper question is so damn hard. yeah! is really hard! its getting hard and hard. and i've totally had no idea what i have done. i answer based on my understanding and the rest, only hopping from my dearest lecture.

owhhh my GOD!! friday!!!, please come faster. pleaseeeee!!

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