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Monday, August 3, 2009

status with love

Last week thursday i received a present from Cek Ain and Cek Nab for my b'day!! to happy for that!! walaupon my b'day almost 1 month end but i really-really appreciate it!! thanks guy! ALOT!! event tak dapat visit me in cyber, post pon jadi laa. still bau Melaka niee. HA-HA ;)

the shawls! i'm wearing it already! tak tau la which one from. either from Cek Ain atau Cek Nab!
really love it.

wearing it to attend kenduri kawin in Subang Jaya. few picture during that day.

sides notes;
what happening a few days ago its really really hard for me to forget it. if you are really my FRIENDS or TRULLY friends or either BEST friends, please! appreciate me at all!. i love all my friends and i hope they knew it..

1 comment:

♪♫EyqaAman♪♫ said...

shawls tu cantik.sweet bile u pakai dear.purple lak tuh!hee~

lu u too,friend! =D

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