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Saturday, May 5, 2012

MMU and Money

Actually I have lotsaaaa thing to be share on my blog but since I'm quiet busy this past few days so I might have to postponed it to some other time. Especially story about my last weekend with my MMU friends! Hihi Yes finally after 2 month I went there to meet all my girlfriend! Itu nanti cerita hokayyyy :) So for this post, I will story only for a few thing and it will be my short update as well. 

First of all, heyyyy its already 2 month of my Internship program and I only have 1 month to complete all this! Second thing is MMU are now asking for my tuition fees! Yes I haven't pay my Internship subject and because of that MMU had send me a reminder to remind me to pay my own fees! Like, zzzz perlu ke??!!

I found out that this kind of message isn't necessary since student know if they don't paid fees they can't sit for final exam. So what the purpose of this message? As a reminder? Again? or as a prove that finance do their job? It waste of money you know! Especially by sending this kind of message to each student!

This was my first time I have to pay late for my tuition fees. Since I don't get any allowance so I have to used my own money to pay my fees. Beside, I know I can claim hostel deposit since I already move out from the hostel. So last week I went to MMU to settle all this since the last day when I supposed to return my hostel key I forgot to bring my financial statement as a prove that I have paid the deposit. So I have to come back again and last week were the only free time for me to settle all this.

Oh now I know that I have paid double deposit when kakak hostel told me! Sungguh bermurah hati saya ni kannnnnn! hihi. Since I have paid double deposit, so I ask finance to minus my outstanding. It takes 6 days for the money to transfer. Sokayyy I don't mind since I don't need to sit for final exam. Nak barred pon barred la. It doesn't affect me anything at all! Just I can't view my exam slip! Nak jugak login tengok muka sendiri on that slip! Haha mengada kan! Yes this is the new system introduce by MMU by putting student photo on exam slip. Reason is to avoid student who forgot to bring their student ID during examination! So sad knowing that MMU introduce the new system right after I finish my studies sobs.

Oh btw, starting next week all my MMU friends will having their final exam. So I would like to wish all my MMUians best of luck for your final exam! Dorang dah start final aku tak habis internship lagi. Apakah? and knowing that some of my junior batch will start their internship on 28 May! Tula gatal lagi start lambat siapa suruh kan!

Heh kata short update tapi banyak pulak aku membebel. Okay till thennnnnnnn!

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