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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lecture Site Visit

So lecture site visit had been conducted today. This is my first time ever meet with my academic supervisor. I did not know him even see him at all. But I know he's had become a supervisor for my junior final year project on this trimester. Eventho I did not know him even haven't meet him in campus, I did ask my twitter friends about him. Most of my twitter friends were finance students and they know him well. First feedback their told me was, he's cool! So from that, I know I should not be afraid of him. 

So few days before I know he will come for site visit, I didn't prepare anything until the day he's arrive. Supposedly I wanted to prepare speech but end up I do nothing! hihi Especially when he said it only be our informal discussion. So I guess it just be our chit chat season. 

For my course, internship site visit didn't have presentation like Finance course since our course structure have FYP. But Finance course structure doesn't have FYP that's why their internship will help them alot and they have to perform well during presentation. Luckily I did not need to present since I'm to lazy to have one hihi 

So overall from the site visit just now was everything went well! My academic supervisor is super duper cool as they said! I did not expected him to wear jeans during site visit! Maybe because now MMU is having final examination and no class will be held so it was okay for him to wear semi casual ......... errr I guesssss soooo!

P/S: I just know my convocation date confirm will be on 7 October 2012 which is Sunday!! For all FOM graduates! I tot it will be on Monday since last year FOM graduates is on Monday so should I said, I'm luckily enuf? hikhik

Hopping for Chaili to come!!!

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