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Saturday, May 19, 2012

As Promise

Sementara nak menunggu my feveret TV series Gossip Girl habis buffering, oh yes sejak dah tak duduk MMU aku tengok online je ye TV series almaklum la nak download nanti virus virus yang tak diingini melekat plus kalau download take foreverrrrrrr nak habis! So untuk tidak menyakiti hati diri sendiri yang tak dapat nak access server MMU Cyber Tracker, tengok jela online sobs.

Gossip Girl now in season finale last Monday and now baru nak tengok! Yes I'm so lame and I don't have time thank you :) Another TV series that I never miss to watch such Pretty Little Liars already end same goes to One Tree Hill. New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Glee I've stop watching it after I left MMU. And now focus only on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars since both of the TV series have become my addicted and I feel bad, really bad if I miss any one of the episode! *drama queen*

As promise on errr early May update I did promise to tell about my weekend with MMU friends kannnn kannnn and here it is! Tujuan utama pergi sana untuk download semua movie movie best dekat Cyber Tracker and 2nd baru nak jumpa kawan kawan yang dah 2 bulan tak jumpa hihi. Okay semua tipuuu sebenarnya pergi sebab nak attend Kak Aisyah and Mansur Reception Wedding. So dah alang alang semua kawan have been invited, so last last apa kata kita meet up since dah 2 bulan tak jumpa kan? Semua rindu I kan? Semua nak dengar gossip dari I kan? Semua nak cerita dekat I kan? Okay okay I get it and let's meet up!

Oh lupa nak mention, 3rd sebenarnya nak pergi makan Masta Pasta Nik Micheal yang dengar cerita baru bukak stall in Cyberjaya but too bad AKU NAK DATANG JE LA DIA DAH TUTUP STALL DIA!! See marah okay! Heard from my friends he have problem with management there. Nik Micheal Masterchef Malaysia kot of course he's will get more customer coming to his stall. Niat nak makan Pasta made by him since I loveeeeeeee pasta so much bukan sebab nak jumpa dia ya. Kat MMU dah selalu sangat jumpa dia in campus before knowing that he's actually my course mate junior! Disebabkan dia pi tukar course baru ingat nak volunteer bagi sample FYP kat dia tapi too bad! Haha dan dan je kan!

Eh rasanya macam aku dah mengarut sangat dah ni. Okay back to the agenda. Err dah takda cerita pon. Let's picture tell everything shall we?   

Food presentation is a must! Itu lauk lauk kenduri Kak Aisyah

This is Spaghetti Alfredo. No no this is not part of kenduri lauk. Big No! This is my lunch food

Paris Hilton BFF. Paris is on the middle and beside is her BFF. And me? being as me that's for sureeee hihi

Btw, this is Kak Aisyah and Mansur my senior in MMU. 

So pwwwwwweeeeettttttyyyyyyyyy isn't it?

Oh btw, Selamat Pengantin Baru Kak Aisyah and Mansur! :) Till then.

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