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Friday, March 25, 2011


If yesterday was not a good day for me but today I could say it was! :) I'm so glad that my survey are 90% done! Thanks to Old Town season with my friends just now. During that season, I've manage to distribute around 20++ survey just only for people around Old Town and Padi House Cyberjaya. How supportive they are I could said!

Memang nampak la how education reflect people characteristics. Some people are very petical in answering my survey and I can see some of them are very honest :) This is somehow make me proud of them!

Even though it was a good achievement but still left few survey couldn't able to collect cause the person lupa nak bagi dekat pihak atasan boleh tak? Really not responsible person betul la! grrrr

That's one thing. Second thing is I've check that my survey paper short 6 copy!! What the...!! I'm fine kalau orang tak nak fill in my survey but at least please pass up back the blank paper to me la!! I used my own money to make 118 survey paper you know? And setiap copy of the paper is valuable to me cause its contain me and my supervisor personal information! =.=


Anyway, I have a good news that Mama gonna teach me how to key in the survey into the system :) Yeayyy! now I think my decision to do survey for my FYP adalah sangat tepat!! Mulanya takut jugak nak buat cause I'm in short semester takut tak sempat ke apa kan but Thank God I have my mom who knows very well about survey cause she currently doing a same thing :)

I have a supportive friends, an intelligent mom, a nice supervisor and I'm blessed :)
Alhamdulillah Syukur.

P/S: Survey done. Next week, Chapter 3!! :)

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ScHaN ® said...

ari2 aku survey ilek je ha... siap dpt gaji lagi tiap2 bulan..

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