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Friday, March 9, 2012


Sebenarnya dari hari Selasa lagi semangat nak aktiv berblog berkobar kobar tapi disebabkan factor tuntutan kerja (ecececeh) terpaksa lupakan hasrat. So 1st thing nak bagitahu my final result for final subject have been release!! Pukul 8 malam dah keluar tapi around 10++ baru ada kekuatan nak tengok. Seriously tengok result sesuatu yang paling aku takut. I guess everyone too! Especially when I decide to take all 7 subject left in my last trimester. It seriously freaking me out but ALHAMDULILLAH I managed to pass all 7 subject with high mark! Believe it or not Yes this is the best feeling I ever had!

Then a few later, I went downstairs telling Mama about my achievement. I hug her tightly and suddenly I'm cry :( I don't know why but I just feel so happy that time. And the truth is this is the first time I cry because of result. A happy result I could said.

Actually dari dulu lagi aku nak tunjuk kat Mama yang aku boleh buat and that day I prove it to her. I know I can do it. And for the last, I want to prove something to her and make her proud of me. 7 subject is not an easy especially for final year student like me. And because of that 7 subject also it's help me a lot especially when see my pointer increase 0.19 which is nearly to 0.20. A lot of increasing siapa tak happy wehhhh!

Hye enuff about result, btw you know what the best feeling I ever had after seeing my result? I Can join together MMU CONVOCATION CEREMONY WITH ALL MY BATCH SINCE FOUNDATION!!! Since I'm the one and only Malay in class - A very humble and innocent person in class (I guess). Arghhhh can't wait to see you guys soon on October!!!!!

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