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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FB Wall Posted

I just had this idea on how people FB wall posted look. Bear in mind, this is only my opinion. Don't take it as a serious since I just said what I know and discover! hikhik :)

1) Full with other people comment

People who used FB as a medium to communicate with friends. They can be categorize as people who care toward friends. They also don't mind if other people read their post comment because they are open minded person. There are nothing to be hide. As long as it doesn't offend other people feeling why not make it as a public, right? If they think it shouldn't be that way, they should think back the purpose of creating their FB for the first time. Whether for fun, for private, searching long lost friends or for stalker other people page.

2) Full with games, applications, links and spamming

FB can be so boring to them so they used FB for entertainment. Or maybe they are games lover. Or knowledgeable person. They used FB to share information their get on the website. Games can be a request things people play on FB whereas Applications and Link can either be songs, news, horoscope, gossip and etc :)

3) Full with recent status update

There are 2 types status update people would do:

#1. Consist of harsh or 'caci maki' words to people they don't like/hate

whether direct or indirect word, people with this types of attitudes I could said very unprofessional at all. They used FB to express their feeling and sometimes used it to get sympathy from other people. It shouldn't be that way since FB used to get along with friends not to trouble friends! You are extremely should be banned from FB since you have no manner at all!

or unless .....,

#2. Consist on what they are currently do

this is basically to people who don't mind share every single things about them to the public. People with this kind of attitudes sometimes will update their status in every 1-2 hour per day. They love to communicate, gossips and etc. Thats why they used FB to get all updates :) However there's still people who love to update status in every 2 - 3 minutes per day. Seriously, people with this kind of habit should get their own Twitter account! Since Twitter allowed you to update status in every minutes you want, you are deserve to create one. Don't used FB to spam other people news feed cause it can be irritating sometimes!

4) Full with picture uploaded

People who love photographer so much and people who are camera lover! They love to share every moment passing through their life. They can be categorize as a people who appreciate natural create by God.

5) Full with new friends added

People with so much admire around them! Everyday, there will be 10 - 20 friends request to be approved. Eventho it looks like they have so much friends (either known or unknown friends) but watch out, not all of them can be trusted and sometimes they can be a big stalker to them!

6) Full with recent activity

People used FB just to communicate with their friends. Or they used it to interrupt other people conversation. They might be person who doesn't like to share some information with others. They prefer using other people wall to make a conversation. Or maybe they don't have any idea to put on :)

7) Full with Foursquare updated

People who used FB just to let other people know where their current location now. They don't mind people know their location because they love to make friends and hang out with them. The more the merrier perhaps? :)

So which number is urs? Mine? Number 1 of kos! Full with other people comment. I'll prefer make it in that way since I loveeee to communicate with my friends instead of playing games on FB. Oh please don't assuming that I'm not games addicted since I am! It just that, I treat FB as a Social Network not as a Entertainment! :)

P/S : Did I put dirty-cursing word as my status on Facebook? or did I curse my own friends?
DID I ???!!!!!!

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