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Saturday, October 9, 2010

People and mistakes

Everyone had their own past memories. Some might had unforgettable memories and some might had disasters memories. What memories we have it is all depends on what we did in the past. People with a sweet memories doesn't mind to share everything their had gone thru with other people they love but not people with bitter memories. They prefer to keep quiet rather than to share. Maybe it is for their own future sake who's know right? but always remind in heart, If you scared to let other people know but remember Allah knows everything. If you lie us its okay but not to Allah. Remember that.

But somehow some people are just not perfect but they deserve for a second change. If they really really have change why not given them an opportunities. Who us to blame other people mistake. We are just human being. Goods and Bads thing from us come from Allah. Let Allah judge them in hereafter later but not us. We have no right to judge them only Allah have.

Apologies and forgiveness is the best thing to do now.

Its almost 1 week without news. Its okay. I'm here to say that I'm doing fine but actually I am not :( I'm always cheer up myself by thinking everything happen for a reason. Its okay, this is only for a while be strong and don't cry. So now, I should keep myself busy so that I will not think too much about it. Thanks to internet I owe you a lot :)

And now, all decision come from you. I'm just follow the flow. If this is my fate, I accept it.

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