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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love September so much! and I hated August VERY VERY much. you know why, August make my teenagers life so complicated!! ( teenagers ke weyh? eh,whateverrrr laaaa) starting from the first day of August until the end, still been busy busy and busy.

owh gosh! finally, September came, and i loved it, bebeh!

pembetulan ayat "Complicated" di situ. its actually not only complicated but somehow still have happy momment ok!

if you all know, for the first week of August, i'm involving with MMU Convofest'09 (asyik-asyik cerita pasal convofest. mesti korang dah bosan kan. this will be last post about convofest aku cerita. PROMISE!!)

eh, chop.

layan video nie dulu boleh tak?? boleh la boleh la boleh la!! macam tue laaa!!

video presentation nie present masa malam dinner hari tue. dorang buat. so nice! consists of 10th events under CONVOFEST which;

Chocolate Fair
LAN Game
Giant Chess
Seminar muslim and non-muslim
Reptile Exhibition
Cyberjaya Road Runner Challenger (CRC)
Movie Screening


back to the story

actually, it was my mid term break which i supposed to spend it with lotsa rest and sleep since being a hardworking students like me(HE-HE), i need more sleeppppppppppp. arghhhh

However, i've already sacrifice it just wanna be with the team. that was really really nice isit? berbaloi la dengan sijil penghargaan yang aku dapat tue. at least, MMU appreciate committed committee like meeee. tapi saya memang sangat baik kan kan kan.

ok. that's not the point. the point is, saya sangat tak rajin after this event! sometimes, rasa macam nak memberontak jeeee!! kenapa banyak sangat midterm test, quiz, and lab test nie? every single week kalau tak quiz, midterm. tak midterm, lab test.

do the IT student feel the same thing? sebab mostly yang busy-busy nie was related with IT subject that i'm taking this trimester. and I assume IT students will be more stress than FE student (soo true!) . biasalah, kami FOM student, sangat pampet ok!

and Thank God! nasib baik tak amik kos IT! ( tak payah la nak bersyukur sangat eyra, FE kos berkaitan dengan IT jugak)

p/s: ayat dalam kurungan merupakan "Evil Eyra" ,ok! suka betul melemahkan semangat orang. bulan bulan pose nie, syaitan di ikat kan. macam mana "Evil Eyra" sorg boleh terlepas nie. hasih!

nak tak nak, i still need to face this kind of situation. and i hoped, i managed to solve this kind of situation next time.

my time management was very very bad! this is the problem. should i need to reduce my curriculum activities and focus more on my academic matters? i had noticed, convofest event buat aku agak malas untuk study. sebab mood nak study tak sampai. too much happy thing kan.1 week ok. so bila nak start belajar balik, its make few time for me to recover back. *jalani hidup sebagai student balik etc ;pergi kelas, balik kelas, buat assignment and so on*

or else, facebooking! banyak sangat ber-facebook jugak sebenarnya. bila dah addicted. this will be happen. everyday spend time in front my lappy. and everyday also bukak facebook! tak addicted ke namanya?

I'm now in Gamma level which bahasa mudah difahaminya adalah 2nd year degree and next year, i will be in Delta level. its meant my 3rd year degree. if i still haven solve this kind of problem now onwards, how can i managed to proceed to the next level?

time is so important now. i'm not younger anymore and I'm not yet old ok! so, the way i think and the way i act, all depends on me. i need to improve my CGPA and GPA this time and if i still not change, i will die! somemore, the more level we stand, the more difficult thing we need to faced. I need improvement!

so, readers, do help me. i need some advices! thanks alot!

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