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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I had received a phone called today morning. It's hard for me to accept this kind of news cause its really-really surprising me. I'm too shocked and too sad. I need someone ryte now to describe how I feel.

Why problem always happen to us during fasting month?

She's called me to share her sadness. but when she's cry , I can't able to help her. I understand how she feel ryte now. deep inside my heart, i don't want her to cry anymore. she's had facing lotsa problem and now, problem come again. She had suffering a long time ago and I don't want this to happen again.

She's a great women i have. She's too strong but now, she can't able to handle it. I know, she had sacrifice a lottt just for our own benefit. but for the reward, what she get? she get nothing. she's only get sadness from someone who doesn't appreciate her at all.

You such a cruel! You sellfish! and I hated you for doing this to her.

She has feeling and she deserve for happiness.

This problem always burden my mind cause it is hard for me to forget what just happening today.

I keep cry cry and cry until now.

I need some sleep. I hope when I woke up, I can managed to forget it..

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