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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

news updated!

my mind thinking too much now. i will share it that come out first in my mind. Today morning accompany along to unisel Batang berjuntai since she need to attend for her first class after a long trimester break. my sister holiday actually its over but she always looked like holiday still go on *i guess so* myb, sebab dier short sem now or lebih tepat lagi dipanggil sem pendek oleh student - student unisel.

good news. i opened my email after my journey to unisel. i got one email from someone who actually xpenah dapat pon email dier but i know from the bottom of my heart *sigh* its was a good news for me. ok, good news is.., i got hostel bebeh for second appeal! OH MY GOD! so so excited. sebab apa? sebab dapat hostel la! HA-HA. now apa lagi, shooping tyme! nak beli stock makanan, barang barang hostel and etc.

another happy momenth for me. i can't wait to start for a new trimester in year 2009/2010 next week! hoyeah! my first year degree level is over. now, i'm second year student ye kawan- kawan! dalam kata lain in gama year! so much things to learn and lotsa difficult subject to face on. i heard some rumors say next semester will be more challengging for me since alomost 5 subject out of 7 subject i regester it is IT subject. lecture from FIT *Faculty of IT* mostly strict with student especially
FOM *Faculty of Management* becausse their expect FOM student know everything. WTH! kata FOM kan. Managemnt,mana belajar IT ngok ngek.

7 subject that i taken for this trimester. rasa macam nak drop one of it. but see first

*click picture to enlarge

bad news. i'm currently waiting for my result. owh scared scared! don't ask me about my result. i will shared it if i want to fullstop!!

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