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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Afford, Contribute and Comittment... this i what i get. THANKS!

I do feels wanna post something here. shared about something about what i have done this few weeks.

as you all know, i'm quite not-to-busy now since all my events have done successfully. so, now onwards just focus on midterm test, quiz, assignment and also final examination which will be held after my raya. * as usual like last year, raya dengan buku*

lets not talk about that. buat otak resah gelisah sahaja. we talk about happy mommenth ok?

now, feels dilemma wheter want to involve again dalam another event or not. actually, this event quite besar jugak la. same like convofest which know as "Career fair". tapi rasa kalau involve event nie boleh dikatakan agak bosan jugak la. sebab melibatkan corporate, big-big company which i need to wear formal attire setiap masa! and no shirt provided!

at least dalam convofest dapat t-shirt free, food provided all the time and so much activities can involved because it is not formal events. kalau dengan career fair, all the time FORMAL ok!

hey, i mish all the unforgetable memory masa dekat convofest! it was REALLY-REALLY enjoyable ok! kerjasama dengan all the working committe memang best gyler laaa. tak kire races, memang boleh masuk. HE-HE

with seminar, chocolate fair, and protocol division committe semuanya besttt. hope can work with you all again after this.

yang tak sangka kali nie, convofest committe yang dapat invitation card pergi appreciation dinner kat club bouse hari tue di beri sijil penghargaan! first time ok! means first tyme convofest kasi sijil kat committe. sebab before-before this, mana dapat sijil. this time je dapat. sanggat tak sangka kan ;)

and somemore, MMU Convocation day sangat meriah berbanding convocation university-university lain! * dah buat survey ok*

yang penting sampai sekarang kena chop muka "VICO". sebab jaga booth VICO masa chocolate fair. bukan main semangat lagi kitorang promote ok! sebab kitorang tau kalau yang datang KOMPEM tak kan beli product VICO! pandang pon sebelah mata je ok! cittt

sebab persaingan yang banyak, sebelah ada booth Cadbury, pastu ada Vochelle la, chocolate heaven la, chocolate pool la.. haish! memang tak datang laa. tapi nasib baik ada free sample VICO! itu pon dorang datang sebab dapat air percuma. suruh beri productnya tak. haish!

memang bertenggek la orang depan booth kitorang bila ada free sample. dengan muka-muka committe lain pon datang lepak jugak nie. mungkin sebab cuaca lua agak panas kan. kitorg dalam MPH yang ada air-cond kott setiap masa! memang sangat bertuah gylerr. HE-HE

ok la,i think i should stop this post until here. nak mandi, siap pergi kelas petang. owh gosh! sejak bulan puasa nie, I hated evening classess! sumpah mengantuk! muka pon macam sedey gyler! coursemate semua perasan. siap cakap "eyra are you ok?". jawab ok je la kan. tapi sebenarnya mengantuk gylerr. muahahaha ;)

* ila, me, kak aisyah, ili*

p/s : will mish them so badly after thiss. and to kak aisyah, thanks for those word. seday gyler bila baca. thanks thanks and thanks to akak too. nice working with you actually. akak sangat baik dengan kitorang. however, this event will be the last events she involved cause next year, she will be busy as final year student! jangan lupa kami-kami semua ye. nak kawin dgn abang mansur, jangan lupa ajak! HE-HE ;)

this is what kak aisyah send it to us after the events finish ;

Dearest all protocol committee...

From the bottom of my Heart:

1st of all, finally, our last event is came to an end yesterday night!! COngrats and big applouse to all protocol committees...for the hard works, sacrification and commitment shown..from each and everyone of you.I do really triggered and excited..really amazed to meet you all and worked together in a team!!It's such a memorable memory for me as this will be my very last event as MMU student..I treasured it the MOST!!after this, there will be no more events as i will going trough as a nerdy student throughout my final year in MMU...

I do very happy working together with all of you...It's such amiracle given by god to met all the very commited working committees that always be with me from the start until the end of CONVOFEST'09..You guys are gifted from the Almighty.always there when i need help...had lend me your hands just to make CONVOFEST'0 a success..

To Jiun, you had been such a very wonderful assistant to me..your hard word and effort, tanpa mengira penat dan lelah...always there for're really like an Angle for had helped me throughout the CONVOFEST'09 with FULL commitment...You can be a good Organizer...Trust me..

Acir, even busy with his so called 'SRC' thingy..still...contributed in making CONVOFEST'09 a big success..without him..then sure we won't meet Jack, Pardeep, Tan, Ujay and Navin to join us...and come even they malas2 to bangun pagi to work as FLorist Runner...

the Men in the group...Jack, Pardeep, Tan and guys are very rock!! I do really appreciate your support till the end of closing..Even Jack love to complaint "akak...saya lapa la kak...dari pagi tada makan...mau rehat la kak.." quite several tyms..but..he..still there to give his full support...
Congrats Navin for succesfully handled the performers.....without you guys...Protocol team has no shining!!!I will always remember how round shape Tan's face would be when he blow the ballon...hehehe...

Syam the event manager...You're really acting like my right hand side...Without you, closing ceremony has no meaning...U make it men!!!Your hardwork for finding the venue is amazed me!!even during last time all the venue is fully book..u had try your best to find even one..and finally we got it..and for the hard work shown by desrved a very big around of applouse...Thx bro!!!

Ruby and Lydia...[RUby is my freshie]...Thx Ruby for always support to work with you guys' job go beyond my expectation..I do really happy to have you in my team..Even though very busy being the teachers..but still you guys not abandoned me...thousand lemons for the effort and support...I adore your team spirit!! kept it up!!

Ili, Zahirah and Illa.. THX adik2 sbb being such a very commited committee..dari tym preparing for Opening lagi..korg ade sampai la ke closing...tym ON EVENT korg xlepas jugak kasik suport...jasa korg hanya Allah je yg mampu balas...kept it up k..your hard work will be granted...syg korg!!nanti lehla wat event lagi blaja jgn tinggal!!

Dhiva, to gossips them with jack and Pardeep..hehehe..jack and Pardeep still in Florist also maybe because of these 2 beautiful girls..THX for your infinity support...hehe..Advise too..Thx too for being my middleman..very love and appreciate it...

Santhia,Shangary, the 2 Hema,Niran,Meng Wah, Khartiny and Ella....THX Guys for your unstopable commitment...your hard work to make this event a success..from the start till the end...Santhia,shangary and Ella..THX for blowing the ballon..and help me with the hampers...THX so much for your countless efforts...really Love to work with you guys..

Last but not least..Ujay & Duang Ming!THX DUang Ming...for take care of the Bus..and help out through out the event..You're rock...!!!Ujay...the band is very Nice!!!

I do really satisfied to met all my very commited commitee..the attendance is full from the start of ConvoFest till the end...THX all for the infinity support and commitment...Till meet you guys again!!Really2 happy and sad cuz not sure afta dis will have the chance or not to meet and work togther with you guys again or not...But..realy2 appreciate!!

The closing..we had try our best..some Flaws for me it is forgiven..Because the most important thing is the effort and commitment shown by all the committee...
All the best in your life in MMUand your future undertaking!!..invite me in FACEBOOK yeah??lets share all the photos we took together...!!!

P/S: Eira, ur vast ade kat SLA, I got something to give you nanti bila free and if nk p SLA msg me k..i will pass the thing!!

With Loves & Hugs,

Wan Aisyah Binti Wan Abdul Rahman
Epsilon Year
B.Eng(Hons) Electronics
Faculty Oo Engineering
Multimedia University,
Cyberjaya Campus.

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