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Friday, September 11, 2009

A noted

I had lost my friend. I had destroy her trusted towards me. I don't blame you at all if you say a bad thing about me cause I know you deserve it. You deserve to feel mad, You deserve to feel embarrassed and You deserve to feel sad cause having friend like me. Yeah, I'm not a good friend to you anymore and I'm not a good friends to anyone else too.

I need some space to think about my mistake. Infact, I don't need sympathy from someone else, I don't need people to understand me, I don't need a motivation and I don't need someone else to see my saddness. Yeah, I'll try to be independent but somehow, I just couldn't handle it.

I do need strength ryte now . I do need support and I do need motivation too.

I know, after this it is hard for me to get trusted from you, somehow I do accept it. I understand and I don't blame you at all. this is what i get and i do regret it.

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