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Monday, September 7, 2009

It's totally blank!

drop by to say how busy I am for this current 2 weeks.

for this week :

9th September 2009 - Quiz 5 for maths programming
11th September 2009 - Database (Assignment)

for next week :

14th September 2009 - Investment (Assignment 1)
- Computer Network (Assignment)
15th September 2009 - Investment (Assignment 2)
16th September 2009 - Mathematical Programming Test #2
17th September 2009 - Corporate Finance (Assignment)
18th September 2009 - Financial Markets and Institutional ( Submit report)
22th September 2009 - Computer Programming (Assignment 2)

what the hell I'm suppose to do when suddenly find out programming assignment need to submit during Hari Raya?

It's meant that I really-really need to hardworking start from now to finish up ALL my assignment before balik kampung.

I'm totally blank now thinking how I am suppose to finish it earlier?

that was a BAD news make me more stress at all.

lets proceed with the Good news, ok

This week will be my last lecture week for this trimester. hoyeah!

perhaps I didn't come it to finish up all my assignment since i'm only have 1 weeks to settle up.

bad girl i am isit? last minutes work i could say.

haish! being a STUDENT its really-really hard!

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