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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sam Worthington its mine! HA-HA

when holiday started, i feel my life so meaningful! yeah! meaningful and enjoyfull bebeh!

1st :
went to court mammoth to survey bed frame for me and my sister bedroom. then when to Ikea continue searching. didn't purchase anything then walked through ikano just for jalan jalan.

2nd :
continue our journey to cineleisure Damansara to watch Terminator Salvation since my lil brother wanted to watch that movie. went there just to check whether still got availbale seat backfront around 10PM but unfortunatlly the best seat were onli available on 12:45PM. my parents just bought it since later we need to went back shah alam to pickup all my other's sibling.

3rd :
owh i'm so in love with Sam Worthington in this movie. so damn cutes ok! HA-HA! i like his eyes and body also. such a perfect! lol!

p/s : more picture in my facebook

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