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Thursday, June 4, 2009

We talk about Old friends and LOVE

Now is june bebeh! yeah june! bulan yang aku tunggu-tunggu selama ini. month which i was born. the happiness and unforgetfull month in my entire life. in a meanwhile this month meant that i'm getting older! Older ok! i repet Older not younger that i though. HA-HA. *OH MY GOD!* i'm adult now!

ok. stop it!

Yesterday, i opened my facebook as usual. bukan nak cerita apa yang aku bual or doing its just that to expreess how i feel when i found someone with name Nornawaitul Najwa Ahmad Nazri had adding me. Owh no! dah lama kot aku cari dier since lepas abis spm lagi. i always remember her because she kinda weird person i had ever meet. dier xpandai ikat rambut, dier pakai bedak tebal and the most thing i alwayss remember about her when i heard song sings by Melly Gosllow title Lelaki Idaman.

macam mana jahatnya kami mengubah lirik lagu itu dan jadikan ia story tentang percintaan diantara dier dan Salman, her ex-boyfirend. owh it was so so damn kelakar ok! i still can remember a lit bit baris lagu yang kitorg ubah tue whenever i heard that song again. sangat jahat isn't it? thank God she's not kinda person yang amik hati or makan dalam dengan apa yang kitorg buat. she's COOL ryte?

chatting with her last nyte sangat best! at least i know her status now. belajar dimana, amik kos apa and so on. actually, she already noticed me in facebook quite a long but afraid to add up me because not sure whether i still remember her or not. what a silly. of kos i remember u my darling. u kinda well-known person in our dorm. don't know la whether u noticed it or not.

i glad you add me. kalau tidak sampai sekarang xtau apa apa story pasal ko.

[meet my najwa! the rectangle one]

Today, i meet my Old friends. her name is Izzatun. we called her aton! HE-HE. friends since SMKS18. she also same like me, school until form 3 after that move out to another school. meet her was superb! kebetulan actually. dier nak sangat jumpa aku dan wana. then suddenly yeah! we meet !

borak sakan la kitorang. with lotsa story and gossipping.HA-HA. sangat best owh. can't wait to hang-out with her again and again!

biasa la bila old friends meet.., perkara yang akan selalu dibangkitkan mesti about Boyfriends! owh ok. i know this thing will come out and i'm quite ready to answer all her question. "quite'?? ok,its 50-50 actually. HE-HE. Honestly, i'm not really happy whenever people asking me about my boyfriend but when aton ask me wheter i got boyfriend or not, cepat-cepat aku geling-geling kepala dan tersengih sengih macam kerang busuk which means my answer is NO!

i thought aton will be surprising when i says that i don't have boyfriend or i've never couple before. but what i though is totally wrong! she says its good ok not having a boyfriend! owh i'm just, owh really? HA-HA. dier kata single good cause no commitment at all, tak perlu berkepit 24 hours and make life easily!

i totally 100% agree with her. bukan xnak ada bf its just that i'm not a person yang couple then clash then couple again then clash. like drypers. no is not me. terasa jugak nak ada someone who always treat me nicely or always by my side whenever i feel sad, angry or happy but xkan nak accept je those guy just like that? NO love but FULL of kasih sayang? no! i'm not too desperate ok!

20 years i've been single! dengan kata lain xpernah couple langsung! bukannya aku nie jual mahal or what so ever but i haven't found my Mr.Ryte yet! ada je orang yang approve nak jadikan gf tapi entah la still cannot accept those guy. bukan cerewat,yeah actually cerewet! tapi sumetimes kena la cerewet jugak kan bila nak pilih. xkan nak grab just like that and at the end masing masing suffer.

so, guys out there, don't ever feel's that i'm kinda garang or sombong or what so ever you think about me. try get loong with me. know me well and you will know i'm not that type of women. don't afraid to know me more cause i'm not simply angry without any reason!
u treat me nicely, i'm ok with that. perhaps dalam masa mengenali tue one of you can be my boyfriend or fiancee or husband. who's know ryte?

sides notes;
i always remember jodoh, maut, rezeki semua ditangan Tuhan. accept whatever faith given by me.

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