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Saturday, May 30, 2009

weird?? what happen to me???

it's holiday,bebeh! hoyeah!! but i can't sleep last nyte. i don't know why.. its there because of damn hot so i can't sleep well or because i think too much during my sleep tyme. owh!!. i'm feel so terrible now! i should spent my trimester break with lotsa sleep, eating and playing.. and the result is vice versa.

i ate few, i sleep onli 15 minutes in the evening just for nap and i feel so damn bored to play any game in my laptop. owh gosh! wut happening to me? now, i'm onli interested to open my communitte online such as facebook and myspace so that i can chatting with all my friends. i feel good and fun doing that even i know chatting and comment such a bored thing people always say. they feel like repeting a same question to a different people such as "hye, buat apa. sihat?" or "cuti buat apa?" " dah makan?".

i feel weird with my ownself! suddenly its become like this until i don't know wut actually is going on. should i blame my hormon because of this? owh i don't think so. i'v already have my period during final examination week or its there because of period virus from my eldest sister? my sister always kinda moody when her first period came. i feel like WTH whenever her period come. thats why i prefer didn't go out with her during her first period. HA-HA me such a bad sister ryte? ya la, better i going out with someone else than her!

i start kutuk my own sister now. better i go before her anger become more worst! HA-HA

sides notes;
sory for tell people about you along! its fact! iya onli say the true so that people will more understanding why suddenly you become such a weird once in a month. HE-HE! marah la xnak belanja burthday present! :)

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