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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Proud to be

Hye hye hye :) Today I'm so so happy because my 3 month of Internship officially ended! Alhamdulillah after having ups and down facing working life finally it has come to the end. Banyak sangat good memories with the colleagues sampai rasa macam sayang je nak tinggalkan. But somehow I take it as a positive :) 

Petang tadi ada farewell party for kak siti since that day were her last day working at TNB selangor. And I feeling so sad that kak siti gonna leave. Honestly, kak siti was the 1st person I know when I start working in TNB. Tapi tak sangka at the end both of us were leaving company together. So farewell tadi memang dalam suasana yang sangat sedih especially bila colleagues nyanyi lagu shila hamzah Memori Tercipta.  

Seriously masa menyanyi kita tak sedih sebab kita tabah. Sangat tabah. Lagipon aku kan duduk shah alam je anytime boleh jumpa colleagues lain la kak siti yang akan pindah terus ke Banting. See tabahkan sayaaaaaaa!

P/S: Actually ada banyak lagi nak cerita pasal Farewell tapi another post je la eh eh!

Btw, I just read news regarding MMU remains as a top private university in Malaysia and proudly saying that I'M PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE MMU GRADUATES THIS YEAR! :) Lagi proud kalau Tun Dr Siti Hasmah remains as MMU Chancellor again for this year sebab dengar rumors last year that she's no longer become chancellor and I'm very sad! I badly want her to give scroll to me on the stage!

Eventho I'm having my Internship in TNB, I still not forget about TM since MMU is part of the TM. But feeling grateful eventho aku bukan student UNITEN, I still can get a chance to work at TNB. So kalau ada rezeki for my real job, I want to work at TM! Insyallah.

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