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Friday, October 21, 2011

Subject Registration

Alhamdulillah finally I'm done with subject registration! I've suppose to add 1 more subject tapi tadi baru settle urusan dengan Lecture mintak approval untuk amik subject dia eventho bukan offer for my course. That's why la I have to go to FOM office to get the manual form. In fact, this is my first time adding subject manually. Before this online je. Mujur ada kawan kawan yang pernah add manual so I ask them je la :)

7 subject for my new semester or should I say last semester? Erm, YES YESSSSS!! This is it!! Thank God after being almost 4 years in MMU (including foundation year) , finally I left only 7 subject to complete my Degree level. Hoyeah hoyeah! :)

This sem kena struggle gila gilaaaa. 2nd week memang dah kena start buat notes. 7 subject is not easy. Nak kena urus internship lagi. Yes I'm going to internship next sem! Insyallah kalau takda apa apa jugak I'm graduating next year! Scared to death! Tapi still rasa nervous! Rasa happy jugak at the same time :) Can't wait to finish my studies sebab rasa macam nak bantu family pulak. Mungkin dah tiba masanya ecececeh :) Wish me luck!!!!

P/S: Some people said working life are so boring. You're gonna miss your student life after you work. Couldn't agree more. Therefore, enjoy it as much as you can!!! *Peace*

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