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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eldest Sister E-day *Part 1*

Actually I've wanted to update about my sister E-day that day (about preparation, what's goin on, how's the event and stuff like that), but since I have a huge problem which is hard for me to update plus I still have lotsa things to do so I decided to postponed it until I get back my thing (lappy).

But since Mama kata her netbook now belongs to me :) because it is expensive to repair my lappy screen (RM500 something) , so I gotta said this is my current temporarily netbook. I just hoped my lappy can get back to normal because I am so not into netbook la. Screen kecik! Tak suka! Dapat laptop baru pon okay jugak hikhik :)

Okay lupakan pasal lappy. Back to main agenda which is the E-day!! :) Let me start with the preparation first la ya. Erm, actually there's nothing to tell about preparation since mostly about it are between my sis and Mama. Yela I ada kat rumah pon 2 days per week so bila balik dorang dah plan everything. So I'm just follow what they plan je. Itu pon nasib baik sempat join masa dorang nak beli barang barang hantaran. At least sedikit sebanyak dapat la bagi idea letak itu cantik, letak ini cantik, letak apa yang tak cantik and so on.

Disebabkan this is our first event, so I kind of excited when it turn out to buy things :) Suka tengok manik, ribbon, paper beg, flowers and etc yang gojes gojes!

We went to Nilai on the first day of Chinese New Year. Mama wanted to buy a new curtains but unfortunately only few shops are open. Boleh bayangkan tak dari banyak banyak kedai kat Nilai Square tuh only 2, 3 je yang bukak. Maybe wrong timing for us to come. So tak banyak choice la but nasib baik ada sales :)

Okay la, I think I should proceed with some picture that I manage to take instead of nagging so much :)

My two pretty little sister, wana(right) and wani(left)

Lunch time - Ayam Penyet Ria. Suka Ayam Penyet! tapi yang ni sambal dia tak sedap. lagi prefer Ayam Penyet Ria kat Cyberjaya. Sambal tiptop!

Ini dua orang budak sibuk nak bergambar dengan Abah. Tapi Abah kita comel kan :)

Wani and me :)

Time ni beli carpet :)

Itu je la gambar gambar yang ada for preparation. Next post, I'll show some picture from the event pulak okay? Thanks reading bubye!

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wana said...

wana comel mcm kakak wana la...hahaha

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