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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Current Status

Good Morningggggggggggg :) Hye, I'm having an early post for today. Bangun bangun tido dah kena ajar si Abuzar nak ujian later on. Malam semalam balik balik rumah pulak ajar Wanny maths until 11 something since she's a bit confusing how to solve on Set topic which actually require understanding on the meaning to answer it.

Stop about that. I'm home bebeh! :) 3 days only in MMU and the rest at home :) Wait, did I just said that I'm having my new semester this week? Yes I am! :)

This semester I'm working with my Final Year Project (FYP) wohooo! It sound very tough right? Yes it should! Especially when it must done during short sem. I have only 8 weeks to finish up or should I say 1 month and half? It scary me now! Hopefully I manage to finish it on time. Amin. Wish me luck guys! :)

My supervisor for this project actually Mdm Zarehan Selamat. But during my first meeting with her last semester, I had come with some topic where there is one lecture currently doing a same topic like me for her thesis. So since that lecture which her name is Mdm Mariati Norhashim is looking for student who can help her doing a research so Mdm Zarehan had decided to transfer her to become my supervisor.

I had hear some rumors from other student saying that Mdm Mariati was very straight person and like to scold people. But honestly after meeting her for the first time yesterday I do say I like her. She was quiet okay. She help me a lot. She gave me everything she have done like questionnaire and reference to me as a guidelines :)

Okay la that all for today. I need to work for my FYP now. GTG bye :)


P/S : 3 days to goooooooooooo

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