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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Be Original

Hey hey sejak dah tukar background and setting for my new blog tak menguar nguarkan *still remember this word masa belajar tatabahasa in form 2 :)* Yeah, this is my new blog image which I like it so much. Just simple and nice. Tak ada crowded sana sini which is I hate it. Less color but solid with informasi needed. Tulisan pon okay tak besar sangat, tak kecik sangat and easy to read that important thing to make sure when I decide to change my new blog layout!

If in previous, my blog look abit like childish pink sana and pink sini but now I change it to purple dan ada sikit sikit silver color. Ini menunjukkan tahap pemikiran empunya blog ini dah berubah menjadi matang phewitttt ;) No lah actually this is what I want. I create blog pon just to let people know about who I am and what I'm doing. So pasal layout not really important to me as long as people read and understand what I write that should be enough.

When I blogging, the first thing come into my mind is how to come out with a different kind of word when posting a new entry. I don't want my blog will be boring to read that why I'll prefer to post about my life instead of promoting someone product or company. When I'm not in a good mood like tengah marah with someone, stress, feels like crying or need to thank someone I don't post it in here :) Butttttt, yeah there still but :) I'm only will post if I can't able to keep it by myself and I need place untuk mengadu so here come my feveret blog :) Apa apa pon the way I tulis mesti lah not 100% exactly the same problem that I'm facing :) Still secretive right? HEHE this is what I am take it or leave it.

Bila I blog walking, the same thing jugak I buat. Bila baca someone else punya post about tengah strees or something I akan skip it. Jahat gilerrr kan :) Lagipon I akan baca if post dia interested me. Some poeple said let picture tell everything. I'm kinda agree with that so instead of baca blog orang yang panjang berjelar padahal isi kandungan pasal 2 baris ayat je better I tengok gambar mereka. I still read their post but I can't able to read it one by one so I let their picture to tell me everything.

Somehow there still few blog that inspire me alot. I which I can become as famous as there are, as sengal as there are and as funneh as there are but there still improvement that I need to learn from them. Siapakah mereka? jeng jeng jeng. Biarlah rahisa :) nanti dituduh berat sebelah pulak :)

And now misi I berblogging ialah untuk menjadikan blog I lain daripada yang lain. Siapa nak support kempen murni I nih sila angkat tangan?!!!
Macam itu lah LOL ^_^

No copyright here okay? be original and be what you are

P/S : Some people blog can easily become famous in less than 2 month after blogging because of what? because mereka sangat rajin blog walking lah not like me. I kan pemalas :)

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juliet. said...

weyh. kau matang ke tak, muke ko still nampak tak matang. serious wehh. tapi, aku takdela cakap muka kau nampak muda. TEEHEE

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