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Saturday, February 20, 2010

All Maxis Postpaid , please BEWARE!

If last year I've been having some issues with U-Mobile which make mama scold me because do such a stupid thing without thinking a good and bad effect, and now I've been having a problem with Maxis.

I've been using Maxis "Family Plus Plan" since past few year which used mama as a main lines and us (Along, Angah and me) as supplementary lines. Since now Angah is a jobless, she currently not under this supplementary lines anymore. She refuse to terminated her own Maxis number and change it with Celcom which also use exactly a same Plan with her boyfriend (biasalah orang dah ada boyfriend)

Mama decided to take this Plan after she realize we spend lotsa money just only for top up and day by day this problem getting more worst until she quiet feed up whenever we ask her to top up. (sebenarnya mama malas nak keluar pergi beli. HE-HE)

But the true is, using prepaid or postpaid not have much different. if using postpaid let say, we can have a credit limit which in my case mama only take until RM300 credit limit for 3 of us including mama per month. if either of us spending over the limit, Maxis will notified by sending mama message telling that we already over spending it.

The bad is, from that la mama can trace which of us is over spending! argggggg. no la, it just only a notification. wait for the bill statement la baru boleh tahu siapa yang suka bergayut 24 hours! HA-HA

Today, I've been scolded again by mama cause making our phone bill up to almost Rm300 this month. Mama asking me why I keep sending message to MacroKSMS which cost it Rm3 per SMS and I say I don't know anything! What I can recall that I never receive any notification about this particular thing before and It really make me surprising when the time I see my phone bill.

Mama keep scolding me by saying if I don't make any SMS to this number how come it suddenly appear in my phone bills? Seriously, I have no idea about this. I'm not that type of person yang simply can accept something easily especially if it cause of money. that is not me oke

Then mama asked me to Google about this MacroK SMS. I did it and Ohmaigodness, I wasn’t the only one who they had conned. Apparently there have been quite a number of cases out there already and yeah, I've been cheated by Maxis and this company.

After knowing I've been cheated, mama along me and abah went to Maxis HQ in KLCC to ask personally about this matter. When I asked Maxis people there, he mentioned that it was an External provider that I had subscribed to Ringtones/wallpaper/music and etc. Wateheck? like I say before, I don't ever use them and If ringtones, I only subscribe to those via Maxis and I know it cause me RM3 every month cause I've been received notification from Maxis about this caller ringtones.

He suddenly asked if I wanted to terminated this service and of course I say yes. I just need to type STOP ALL and send to those number back. that really simple huh? buat penat datang all away from shah alam to KLCC then macam itu aku pon boleh buat sigh

DAMN. Maxis really make my day even worst! and tak pasal pasal kena marah!


Anyway, here’s a screen shot of my billing statement where the charges appeared. its total me RM156.00 !!

So please I urge you to check your phone bill today! Look out for MacrokSMS or any charges under “External Content Provider”.

Owh ya suddenly I terfikir kenapa I yang kena bukan kakak I? we share same bills tapi I yang kena teruk. setelah disoal selidik, sebenarnya I adalah mangsa keadaan dimana ketika mama berada di Brunei 18 December yang lalu, I dengan tidak sengaja telah meng"called" mama I. ye la rinduuuuuuuuuuu. tapi i tak tahu sampai boleh jadi macam nie. I kan innocent sigh

Sebab dulu masa abah pergi luar negara pon abah pernah alami benda yang sama. SMS yang tak dikenali keep sending it to abah phone. sampai kena terminated semua bagai baru masalah ini solve. haiyak, sudah kecewa la sama ini telekomunikasi prabayar. nak pakai public phone la pulak.

However,Please beware all Maxis Postpaid! jangan jadi macam I oke?

Sekarang dah terminated all the service, if next month I still receive this stupid bills I tak kira I nak buat ADUAN RAKYAT!

P/S: Tapi kan, macam mana this company can simply trace our number erk? there must be something wrong somewhere between them kan kan. berkomplot mana tau. iye la dari mana company tue nak dapat number kite kalau bukan dari Maxis sendiri kan. siap appear company phone number sebelah tue. jeng jeng jeng


Anonymous said...

yah maxis sucks

after 9 years
i finally changed to DIGI postpaid

it was a very hard decision but i have to evade from this big Maxis shark!

all the best and make sure to call customer service and hentam them if there is any problems in future.

thanks for the post :)

Syam Komeng said...

i tak penah kena ni smua sbb i selalu ignore apa2 berkaitan ni...

Anonymous said...

If these thing happen again, the best place to mengadu is at SKMM. you can complaint online. Semua telcos takut dgn SKMM even Telekom MAlaysia. Once aduan dibuat, all the problems will solve within 2 or 3 days.

I penah complaint Celcom regarding the same matters. Sangat puashati dgn SKMM

Anonymous said...

Go back to Maxis and DEMAND that they waiver the "External Service Provider" charges as you claimed that you did not subscribe to such services!!!!! Do it. Don't ever let them get away with this scam!!! Ridiculous. Not only you did not subscribe to such services as you claimed, it even caused a family quarrel!!! Do it for everyone. I have done it!!!

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