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Friday, October 30, 2009

Quinn & Clay

she's fucking fabulous, ryte?

i do like her eyes, lips, body and most importance her hair.

ok. i'm not lesbo as you though as I am a human beings love to see something that look beautiful and wonderful. besides, I am a straight person okee.

I think she's pretty enough in One Tree Hill season 7.

and I never realize she was a same person I had watch in Final Destination 4.

Seriously, she's look like teenagers in this film and that's why i never noticed her until I found it in the internet.

Robert Buckley and Shantel Van Santen

hopping there gonna be "Something" between them *woot* *woot* in this Tv series or even real life.

P/S : I do like that guy also. HE-HE

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