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Thursday, August 13, 2009

is time to be a superstar!

Today was an amazing day for me!! guess what people, I've been invited to become an extra actress for film "Adik Manja Returns" that had been shooting around MMU campus since few month ago! can you imagine? i had been part of the scene movie. HE-HE * nak jeles boleh. tak ada masalah*

I only need to become an audience for dancing competition held by Kolej Professional skills. *which known as it in the movie* and there will be a lot of dancer joinning the competition and i just need to clap my hand and enjoying the performance itself. it is easier isit?

actually, being at there almost 5 hour such a boring day coz we just only need to sit back and relex without doing anything! waiting actress to perform totally wasted our time. to much shoot need to taked. and the lighting!! make me headache!

however, being part of their give an experience for me to know more how local film or drama shooting were made of. learning something new and try to understand their hardworking to make their film box office! it was a great afford guys!

owh ya btw! to all my beloved friends and family, don''t forget to watch that film ok! *promote first*. bila released? i'm not too sure. just tunggu and lihat sahaja la. ok! support our local movie! HE-HE

sides notes;
i saw Faezah Elai, Juliana Evans, Maria Tunku Sabri, Ezlynn, Rozita Che Wan and of course the director of the movie, Dharma. and not to forget Jihan Raja Lawak also. i didn't noticed her until ili told me so. *ok,tak layan raja lawak*


eyfagroove said...

hahahah..peh..berlakon sme watak ngn ak dlm main2 cinta....dpt bp rgt?? mmg keje duk tepuk je kn??

Shamin Aizuddin said...

owhh tidakk.
anda seorg PELAKON.

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