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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hari konvokesyen angah di UNITEN

involving with 2 events in 1 day its really-really make me hectic! first is Angah convocation day at UNITEN, Bangi and second MMU Convofest Appreciation dinner at Club House, Putrajaya. owh memang letih kehulur kehilir mengejar masa. sometimes i do feel give up to attend the convofest dinner. its so tiring you know. but thankful, i managed to attend all the events! however, angah punya convocation sure la kena attend kan. its family metter!

for the first event, i'll talked about angah convocation day la coz this is a first event i'm having yesterday. so, lets talked about the event ok?

my whole family be at there around 7:20 AM and during that time there's alot of graduation student with their relatives already came. its to crowded ok! and it is a normal thing that i should understand. HE-HE

actually, there no much thing to talked about. the important part it is the event run smoothly walupon cuaca agak panas masa tue. owh yaa! dapat makan free ye! ;)

anyway, lets those pic describe all the happiness momenth we have it!

after convocation end, we all went back shah alam to take family photo. odw hujan turun sangat lebat diikuti petir, guruh, kilat semua ada! *ok tau petir dan kilat benda y sama*

so ini picture masa dekat kedai gambar

picture nie paksa abah pakai topi angah tue. HE-HE

owh ya! i got video masa angah amik sijil atas pentas! lets take a look!

P/s: more picture in my facebook. i'll try to upload it by tonyte.

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