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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazier us!

People say, movie yang ditunggu tunggu this year was Transformer-Revenge Of The Fallen. so do i. i also wait for that movie quiet a long and now its coming out, bebeh! to excited to watch it in cinema eventho i know i could downloading it in cyber tracker and watch it again and again sambil baring guling guling atas katil without paying any single thing!! that's good isn't it? HA-HA!

But, I already watching that movie yesterday nyte. midnight movie in alamanda as usual. my comment about that movie? erm.., biasa je la weyh! when the end of the story i feel's soo boring! HA-HA! otak dah fikir, bila la nak habis kan. Rasa macam mengarut je. the last one more better than the current one. i don't know la coz mostly people yang dah tengok semua kata BEST GYLER! for me, i don't think so. lain orang lain pendapat. same goes to me.

owh ya btw, just now i read tagged noted wrote by qamarul in facebook. the note talk about memorise in high school. owh God! suddenly i mish damn much high school la weyh! and also mish my first crush! owh yeah??!!! grrrr

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