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Sunday, November 23, 2008

busy busy busy.

Starting my blog with "busy busy busy" title meant dat i'm currently have a lot of thing's to do with my assignment also my cyberP project. Since now i'm in short semester, everything hv to be so fast. Now in week 4 ady, so there's abt 4 week's to go before we end up our second semester for year 2008. During diz week, i hv to finish early my cyberP task which my group leader assignt to me,chaili n another China student. Due date submition is on this thursday. Eventhough our task not so easy n not to difficult to do, we hv to finish up early bcoz if there any coreection/mistake we can re-edit it again. :))

Other than that, i also hv start doing my islamic studies assignment which da due date of this is on week 5. For me, this assignment are not difficult for me and fatin to do bcoz its actually abt wut hv we learn during secondary school. My title for this assignment is "ISLAMIC-DIVORCE". It easy ryte?. Actualy, after realize there are a lot of information dat we hv to know and get it, me and fatin had decided to change our topic. But ustaz say our topic its good and interesting. So, in other way, we defenatly change our mind and procced with our title. In a mean while, we show to da ustaz the draft of our topic. Ustaz ask us to included also reality situation dat happen in Malaysia. After the decussion with ustaz, i assignt task to fatin and ask her to submit a parrt to me before the date of subbmittion.

its almost 2 am and i'm still posting my blog. I think i hv to sleep now since diz morning i hv to wake up early to helping my mama prepair our lunch. bubye fwen! Wait for my next post ya! nyte! Sweet Dream! :))

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