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Monday, October 10, 2011


Today is my BAC Finance with Multimedia and Senior BAC Financial Engineering Convocation day! I've so glad they finally done with their studies after facing difficult time study 3 years in MMU (Approximately 4 years since they from foundation). You know la kan MMU, easy to get in but once you get in, it is difficult for you to graduate on time. Subject super duper tougher. You might understand what lecture teach in class but believe me, whenever you sit for final exam don't be surprise if you get unexpected question! Trust me. Sometimes the lecture can be so cruel to us by setting up a difficult question which was not our standard to answer it. This is what we called MMU! We pay, 1k for 1 subject just to have a difficult exam paper!

Enuff about final paper which result might come out SOONER!! (a bit nervous now) , I've so glad all my MMU friend finally been graduate with flying color !! But somehow, sorry for not be able to attend your convocation ceremony since I'm not feeling well this past few days. I've also decided to quit Convofest'11 in a last minutes due to family commitment. My parents went to Langkawi and I have to take over the house. Helping my eldest sister and also my baby sister for PMR. Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for them. Since I'm in trimester break for only 2 weeks, so I need full quality time with my family that's why I decided not to join. Sorry guys :( I know you have so much fun there! Eventho its tiring a bit.

Okay la I guess that's all for quick update today. See you guys on the next post hokayyy!! &&& before that I would like to wish all MMU graduate, Happy Convocation Day!! Hoping the best for your future career!!

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