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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How did you spend your own trimester break, wisely?

Having a trimester break it such a lovely moment. Siapa yang tak suka holiday kan? but somehow giving a break in such a couple of week or maybe a months can lead to bored if we can't able to fulfill it wisely. So on this post, I would like to share on a few things about how can you go through your trimester break in a manner way.

First, had an ohsem vacation with your fellow friends! This is somehow can make a good relationship with you and your friends by spending all the night and experience together.

or maybe had a road-trip with your beloved family. Since trimester break for MMU its not same with school holiday, i think family trip for me can be done only if there is a Public holiday like Chinese New year, Depavaali or Hari Raya. Besides that, I can't able to make it. Yes now I'm thinking MMU suck! really suck!

Next, spending all your day playing with your cats/kittens. Bath them, feed them with lots and healthier food and not to forget cleaning up their shit also.

Otherwise, replacing Mama position in being a temporarily housewife-to-be by cleaning the house?

make a laundry?

or cooked breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper for them?

or maybe, learning a new recipe?

or looked for the new recipe?

or else, JUST eat, eat and eat the whole day continue with the whole week until the trimester break ended!!??? Yes, Some people do said, 'I eat because I'm bored not because I'm hungry' So did you want your trimester break end to be just like that? Do think carefully on what you should do less and what you should do more often so that it can be manageable.

In other words, besides having a huge eating habit ( which you should care-less ), you can fulfill your free time by interact with your friends in social networks. Facebook/twitter is a medium of communication between you and your friends, blogger/tumblr is a place for you to express your feelings (somehow I do feel twitter is some sort of hikhik) and Youtube for your entertainment.

However, listening to your favorite songs during trimester break its really release your stress right?

or maybe playing your favorite video/online games can also reduce your stressful and it is also awards for yourself after been struggle in studies/work

or else, fulfill your daily time by reading your favorite novel

or watch your favorite tv series?

not to forget marathon movies that you have downloaded?

or maybe having some fun shopping with your girlfriends?

or gossiping and chatting with them?

or having a good quality time with your siblings, parents?


Erm, such a wasted break you have! Please don't make your lovely break turn to be like this!! Do something that you never/wanted to tried before and at the end make it unforgettable and unmemorable moment in your life! Break its somehow opportunity for you to have a good rest before new things come out. Enjoy your break as much as I do :) because who knows after this you might not able to have it.

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juliet. said...

well..banyak yg best..marathon movie..listening to fav music..roadtrip..makn..but, utk ko most suitable adalah try new recipe. then send it to me! hahaha

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