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Monday, February 7, 2011

First Stage

Finally, Along aka Kak Long (I need to practice called her 'kak' now since I'm gonna have a new Abang-long-to-be soon ;p) merisik thingy run smoothlyyyyyyyy yehaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :)

Kak Long cincin risik. Hers not mine of kos! ;p

Now, waiting for her next level in less than 1 month! :) Homaigod can't believe it time running so fast kan? ;p My kakak getting one step further in her new life. I'm gonna review about this soon butttttttt before that, let me focus on my final exam first then I'll promise to continue update what's actually is goin on here okay?

When is the date? Who's the lucky guy? Erm let it be a secret between us first ;) Just wait and keep reading my blog for more update :)

P/S: I'll be back after 18 February. For those yang nak ajak aku keluar ke apa, make sure booked me after that okay!


sarah mohamad said...

congrate for ur sister :)

aliza said...

tahniah kat akak nye :)

ScHaN ® said...

congrat kat kak u yerk..

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