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Friday, February 13, 2009

lotsa fun!

Harnie rasa agak malas utk bercerita about wut i have dun yesterday nyte. d main thing is aku and my girfriends went out to GSC Alamanda to watch
Geng:Upin& Ipin - Pengembaraan Bermula.

our movie start on 12:10 AM. so, while waiting for d movie to start we have some photographing outside Alamanda.

its same so like sitcom PUTERI ryte? kite ENJOY!! hehehe. and if u always visit to Alamanda u know exactly where's d place, isn't it?

erm, i guess d movie start alreday. its tyme to "pengembaraan bermula"! lets go guys! :)

sides notes;

* im very proud to all da upin&ipin board director. xsagka org malaysia pon pandai buat filem animasi. come on Malaysian people! support our animation film!

* well dun guys! there's lotsa funny characteristics. i like da "Tok Dalang" and a part which upin&ipin nak trun dari cerun bukit y tinggi. i like when "Rajoo" says "think our future!". haha.

* if got any chancesses to went and watch that movie again, i would like to do so. so, kepada kwn kwn y nak sgt tgk movie tue but dosn't have any friend to accompany u. just called me ok? :)

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