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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been tagged by Wana and since I have nothing to do so buat je lah nanti ada orang kecik hati :) Anyway, here's the question

Write 5 interesting fact about the person who gave you this award:
- Fact? homaigod macam tak boleh tipuuu jeeee ;) okay okay here we go,

* True fact, She's MMU student!

* I know her from my friend cause both of them taking a same course.

* I had noticed her before since she's staying in a same level with me in MMU hostel last year but during that time we never talk face to face only smile whenever we had bumped together.

* Quite close now after she joining College Festival with her friends and I become a leader for them :)

* Erm what else? oh yeah another true fact she's older 1 year from me! HAHA kakak tua!

Write down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies:

* Sometimes I love pink, sometimes can be purple, and sometimes I can like green but the true is I like straighting color

* I love to watch korean drama but not more than 20 episode because korean drama can sometimes become so boring when episode exceed until 20. This is the true fact I've been see. Oh not to forget, Hero mesti tiptop heroin pon sama! kalau tidak, hye-hye bye-bye lah yerk.

* Eventho I like watching Korean drama it doesn't mean I like Korean singer. I only love Korean song if it is OST from the drama that I watch.

* Kadang-kadang boleh jadi matang dan kadang-kadang boleh jadi anak tak cukup kasih sayang. If tak cukup kasih sayang means that I acting lebih-lebih sangat. The true is I'm not that kind of person.

* For phone, I'll prefer contact person directly instead of sending SMS to them especially when it comes to urgent method. SMS penat nak taip meh.

* A good listener to everyone! So do come to me when you guys have some issue with friends,family or even love. Sometimes I can advice people but sometimes can't especially when it is about complicated issue.

* Sensitive when its come about family. I can easily cry in front of my family eventho because of small matter. See how much I love them.

* Love cat so badly! but hated snake freaking bad!

* I can know exactly what people trying to said without knowing the whole story.

* Oh yes now I ban all video posted by people in my Facebook especially video title sangatttt manis suruh tengok but at the end ada gambar hantu muka tak siap lepas itu jerit yang menakutkan! After experience twice, I declare I ban all this kind of video!


chawyna said...

eh, saya muda lagi laa. ;p

and i hated snake toooo! eee seram tgk ular!


e y R a said...

tapi awak lahir 88 kan. takda still tua!

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