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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drop by.

i'm feels like wanna post something here. I realise its too late for me since now is already 1:30 waktu Malaysia. I feel damn tired now after having my pack class yesterday * since friday pass off few hour * 8AM in the morning until 12PM in the afternoon nonstop class! somemore continuing 2:30 after friday prayer until 6:30! grrrrr tired tired!!

A day before that, I went to Aiza room after we had our dinner together in hb2. chatting, gossipping, chatting, and then continue gossiping, chatting gossipping until 1AM! no much things to do since dah lama xjumpa Aiza and all. last jumpa during my burthday celebration. lagipon malam tue tak ada tutorial or homework kena buat. so, take this opportunity to borak-borak with them la.

on nyte, roomate keluar pergi dating pulak. tido la bilik sorang-sorang AGAIN! I repet AGAIN! around 3-4 hour perhaps before she's coming back. suddenly, malam tue xboleh tido pulak. dah terlelap but tetiba terjaga. mayb dengar bunyi-bunyi yang meng'scary'kan kot. HE-HE. xpon perasaan je. konon-konon berani tido bilik sorang-sorang la nie. padahal takut gak sometimes. *sigh*

However, bunyi-bunyi tue xda apa apa pon. imaginasi tinggi sangat. suka sangat fikir benda negative kan. so, this is the effect! anyway, this is note for my dearest ili fatin ;
"jangan biarkan saya tido sorang sorang lagiii!!!,please,pleaseeeeeeeeeee"


I should turn off my laptop and sleep now. I can't even open my eyes. this is sigh! I need to end this post. bubye! adiossssssss! ;)

sides notes;
balik rumah terus makan durian kampung mama dengan abah bawak balik. sodap!!

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